Friday, December 15, 2006

They've arrived (part II).... but there's always a catch, isn't there?

Well, we can't expect everything to go perfectly, now can we? Especially when we're dealing with so many variables, and so many products, all arriving in the same week.

So here's the good news: Dark Wisdom's in-house in all its glory, as promised. From what I've seen, it looks even better than the advance copies I was sent. I'm quite pleased.

Now for the limited edition hardcovers of Twice Dead Things and Chronicles of the Apocalypse: looks like they're present and accounted for as well, as well as the trade paperback versions.

So that's pretty much everything, right? You might wonder what I'm fussing about.

Well... with each book we had a set of signed limited editions for not only the hardcovers, one of which I joyfully hold in my hand (okay, I set it down, being that I'm typing and all), but also a limited quantity of the paperbacks as well.

And while Twice Dead Things went according to plan, and I also hold a signed copy in my other hand (okay, all right, I set that down too), the signed Chronicles paperbacks are another story.

They may be at the warehouse... then again , they could also exist in an alternate universe, or they just might have been sucked into a space-time vortex.

You see, the boxes for these special paperbacks are labeled exactly the same as our un-signed trade paperbacks, which was not supposed to happen. Twice Dead Things was saved from this unfortunate fate because it was labeled correctly.

Since all of our books are currently packaged into what I deem teeny tiny boxes, I mean REALLY teeny tiny boxes in comparison to Chronicles' size (it's quite a hefty book), and based on the quantity of Chronicles that are in that warehouse awaiting shipment to our distributor... well, finding the mis-labeled, signed copies of Chronicles is like finding a needle... in a stack of needles.

Fear not! The warehouse is on the case, everything else will go out as planned, and we hope to have signed copies in-house at soon, even if we have to use the space-time vortex to transport Michael McBride to the warehouse with a stack of pens. From what I understand it's quite a comfy way to travel.

Looks like I have some books on my desk I have to pick back up again.


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